The Old Black Hen By Songs:Ohia

Old Black Hen is that you again

singing the Bad Luck Lullaby

Come right on in, it's midnight again

Time for the Bad Luck Lullaby

You know the one it's the same one you sung

when you wrote down the Revelations

Now sing it over the cradle of the child who's born next

Leave all the truth in so they know what comes next

leave in the true love that they'll never find

Show how we're looking for it all of our lives

When I saw the Banner hanging over my door

I already knew who the party was for

All of my pain found a partner in that room

and the devil's tail swayed with the tune

Make that Black Record

Roll the tapes all night long

Make that Black Record

And we'll all sing along

Look down the long street

and see who's that crying

Tell them that every day I lived

I was trying to sing the Blues

the way I find them.